Larnaca might look small, but there are countless things to explore right around the corner! Whether you're looking for historical tourism such as a visit to the St. Lazarus Church, sports and activities such as scuba diving at the famous Zenobia Shipwreck, or a casual stroll around the World Heritage Flamingo Salt Lake, Larnaca is an excellent place for all kinds of discovery...
Places of Interest

Time to explore

Discover some of the most popular places to visit around Larnaka and beyond, from restaurant districts to world class zoos.

Culture & Religion

Step back in time

Take a look at some of Larnaka’s cultural and religious sites. If you’re feeling particularly curious, you can drive up to the Kykkos Monastery in Troodos, one of the oldest and best-known Monasteries in Cyprus which boasts rich golden mosaics and a stunning Greek Orthodox church.

Sports & Activities

Fun in the sun

If you’re aching for some adventure, Larnaka has a rich offering of both land and watersports alike. From scuba diving, snorkeling and kitesurfing to day hikes, birdwatching and go karting… Larnaka has it all!